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The Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation in Maxwelton, WV announces a published article in the Trade & Industry Development May/June 2015 magazine, a publication through Due North Consulting, Inc.  T & ID is a bimonthly publication that is dedicated to site selection. Each issue highlights a specific targeted market and is sent to decision makers within that market. 


The article, “Greenbrier Valley, West Virginia: Growing Prosperity”, written by Juli Anne Patty,  features a case study of the economic development program used by the Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation (GVEDC) while, at the same time, showcasing the attributes of the region. Stephen Weir, GVEDC Executive Director, was instrumental with the development of the case study which conveys the GVEDC’s unique economic approach, an asset based, called integrated economic development.   This approach involves analyzing the area’s gifts and expanding on them to develop a better community. 


Stephen Weir stated, “We are trying to create sustainable ideas and programs, industries and businesses that will feed each other as they grow.”  The GVEDC’s Rahall Business and Technology Center, a 140,000 sq. ft. building, is filled to capacity including two new business startups ECER Technologies and the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company. 


The GVEDC has progressed with many initiatives and collaborative efforts.  The Greenbrier Valley Local Food Initiative has been very successful in assisting local farmers.  The Greenbrier Valley Grown Brand is utilized by many local producers and recognized by many consumers. The next initiative that will soon be launched is the Local Food First campaign. 


Much support and partnerships have been formed due the great work of many individuals and organizations in this region.  The GVEDC anticipates greater growth for the Greenbrier Valley.  Tom Cross, VP of the GVEDC Board of Directors, stated, “I have always been excited about the future of our Greenbrier Valley, and this article just makes me more excited about our future.  The future of the valley starts now.”


The case study is a great article.  To read the entire article and links to all our websites, please visit   Also, look for the GVEDC Quality of Life piece, written by Stephen Weir, in the T & ID July/August 2015 publication.

Read the full article: Greenbrier Valley: Growing Prosperity.

About the author, Juli Anne Patty


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GVEDC 2014 Annual Dinner






GVEDC holds is annual dinner with keynote speaker Amy Shuler Goodwin

The Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation held its annual dinner on June 19, 2014 at Lewisburg Elks Country Club with special guest and keynote speaker Amy Shuler Goodwin, the newly appointed WV Deputy Secretary of Commerce and the Commission of Tourism. 70 people enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by TLP and a great message from Ms. Shuler Goodwin. The dinner was sponsored by First National Bank of Ronceverte, Dominion Energy and Frontier Communications.

Amy’s message spoke of the positive aspects of tourism in West Virginia, one of which is its people. She noted that West Virginians are the number one tourist in WV, with Ohio being second. Starting with WV residents, it is important to educate all of what WV has to offer.

Amy emphasized the importance of staying relevant with the start of revamping the state tourism’s website. Her staff is fully utilizing all social media. She stated “We need to grow and thrive, be creative, dynamic and seek opportunities. We need to create new experiences to obtain loyal customers. Our return on investment needs to be large”.

“With a decreased budget, we must do more with less. Our call center is going to be revamped. People today want information extremely fast. We need to tap in with what motivates people to come to our state, spend money and want to come back”. Amy said she welcomes any feedback at

Amy took the time after her message and the dinner, to meet with those attending and answered questions. Louise Barnisky, Marlinton Councilwoman, stated, “I am thankful for the invite to tonight’s event and it was nice to see people she has known for such a long time ago. It would be nice to see good things come to Marlinton especially funding for a water plant. She enjoyed hearing Amy’s message and hopes she will come to Pocahontas County”. Bill Shiflet, GVEDC board member from Monroe County stated, “It was a wonderful evening. Amy seems to be right on track with educating WV first on tourism”.

Amy took special time to have a conversation with Cara Rose, Executive Director of Pocahontas County and Convention Visitor’s Bureau and Kara Dense, Executive Director of Greenbrier CVB. Kara Dense stated,” The dinner was a wonderful opportunity to hear our new WV Tourism Commissioner, Amy Shuler Goodwin, speak of her direction for the Division of Tourism. Tourism is such a powerful economic driver in the Greenbrier Valley and important to every county in the Greenbrier Valley. I thank the GVEDC for having her.”

Stephen Weir, Executive Director of GVEDC, completed an overview of GVEDC’s latest efforts emphasizing the creation of new jobs with the Rahall Business and Technology Center 140,000 square foot building being filled to capacity.

Stephen stated, “With the addition of the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company and Smooth Ambler nearby, we have a leading edge with new types of business that will continue to see the Greenbrier Valley grow and thrive. We truly live in a great place in the state and in this country”.






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